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2023 Annual Report

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Explore the Annual Report for a snapshot of 60th Assembly District’s recent achievements. See the bills signed into law by the Governor covering important issues like Education, Public Safety, and Foster Care. Learn about our district budget wins, demonstrating strategic investments in our region and look ahead to upcoming projects and initiatives. Stay informed and be part of our journey toward a better future. Access and download report.

Annual Report

Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Unveils Anti-Racism Bill Package

Sacramento– Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson announces the introduction of a comprehensive Anti-Racism Bill Package designed to address the systemic barriers faced by communities of color in California. The package includes four separate bills aimed at promoting equity and justice across the state.

Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson Introduces Bill to Combat Hates Crimes

Sacramento - Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson introduces a new bill, AB 1079 to combat hate crimes and promote diversity and inclusivity in California. AB 1079, includes the creation of a Hate Crimes Intervention Unit within the Department of Public Health and establishes a California Ad Council.

Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Introduces Bill that will Lead the Way in Fostering Inclusivity in California's Classrooms with Diverse Textbooks

Sacramento – Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Jackson is proud to announce AB 1078, a bill that will revolutionize how students learn and see themselves in the classroom. This bill prohibits the State Board of Education from approving textbooks that do not reflect the diversity of California, ensuring that students have access to materials that accurately represent their experiences and identities. It also prohibits local school districts from banning curriculum, instructional material, or textbooks without State Board of Education approval. 

Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson Introduces Assembly Constitutional Amendment to Amend Proposition 209

SACRAMENTO - Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson has proposed a new bill, ACA-7, to address persistent disparities in health, education, and economic outcomes for certain communities in California. The bill would amend Proposition 209, a California law passed in 1996 prohibiting the state from race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, or contracting.

Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Introduces Groundbreaking Assembly Bill to End the Use of Police Canines for Arrest and Crowd Control

SACRAMENTO - Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson, joined by co-author Assemblymember Ash Kalra, introduced a groundbreaking bill on Monday, February 13th, to prohibit the use of police canines for arrest, apprehension, and crowd control. The bill aims to end a deeply racialized and harmful practice that has been a mainstay in America's history of racial bias and violence against Black Americans and people of color.

Assemblymember, Dr. Corey A. Jackson hosts LET’S TALK: Community Forum

Moreno Valley – Assemblymember, Dr. Corey A. Jackson hosted the inaugural LET’S TALK: Community Forum on Saturday, January 28, 2023 in partnership with Moreno Valley College. The event was an opportunity for members of the community to discuss important issues such as addressing systemic racism, increasing child-care accessibility, and mitigating the mental health crises occurring across the State of California. 

Freshman Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Selected as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Human Services

SACRAMENTO – On Thursday, December 22nd California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon selected freshman Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson as Chair of the Committee on Human Services.  Assemblymember Dr. Jackson is one of six freshman members selected this session (2023-24) to Chair Assembly Committees. His experience successfully leading a non-profit service organization and as a social worker uniquely qualifies him for this position.

Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson Holds District Swearing-In

Moreno Valley – On Saturday, December 17th Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson took the oath of office in front of family, friends and community members at the Perris City Council Chambers. The event was attended by local elected officials and community leaders from throughout the Inland Empire, to celebrate the swearing-in of the first African American to be elected to represent Riverside County in the California State Assembly.

Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson Introduces First Bill to Address Cost of Living in California

Sacramento - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California's cost of living has contributed to a higher percentage of residents living in poverty than any other state in the nation. Identifying sustainable solutions to reduce the cost of living in California is critical to the long-term financial health of our working-class communities. AB 11, introduced by Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson, aims to find these solutions by 2026 through an Affordable California Commission. The goal of the commission shall be to study the causes and effects of the rising cost of living in California and to develop solutions toward making California a more affordable place to live.