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2024 District Bill Package

Welcome to our District Bill Package, a collection of legislative proposals crafted with the heartbeat of our community. As your Assemblymember, I take pride in presenting bills that stem from the ideas, concerns, and aspirations of the very people my office serves. Our commitment goes beyond crafting policies; it is about acknowledging and amplifying the voices of our community members. With this District Bill Package, we bring you legislation that directly addresses the needs and aspirations of our diverse and dynamic community.

"We see you, we hear you, and we deliver. This District Bill Package is a testament to our unwavering dedication to transforming community ideas into impactful legislation,” said Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson. “By actively involving the community in shaping policies, we ensure that our legislative efforts are not just words on paper but meaningful actions that uplift and resonate with the lives of those we represent."

AB 1801 - Supportive Housing Development:

This bill allows supportive housing developments to include administrative office space, limited to 50% of the total floor area for residential units. Administrative office space is defined as nonprofit organizational headquarters or auxiliary space providing supportive services. The expansion aims to exempt ministerial projects under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and it broadens the definition of supportive housing to include transitional housing for youth.

AB 1838 - San Jacinto Wildlife Area Preservation:

Enacting the San Jacinto Wildlife Area Preservation Act, this bill prohibits the sale, repurposing, or redevelopment of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area unless for conservation efforts benefiting biodiversity and recreation. It mandates a periodic management plan update, encourages partnerships with community-based organizations, and requires public hearings on the area.

AB 1857 - Air Quality Improvement in Valleys (Inland Empire):

This bill mandates the California's Air Resources Board to adopt regulations improving air quality in valley population centers. Local air districts must implement these regulations for stationary sources within their jurisdiction. The requirements become inoperative on January 1, 2029, with a subsequent report to the Legislature on air quality improvements.

AB 2029 - Public Access to EV Charging Stations:

This bill will require the Department of Transportation to conduct a study on how accessible EV charging stations are to individuals who express access or functional needs. A report based on the study must be submitted to the Legislature by January 1, 2025.

AB 2448 - Electric Vehicle Economic Opportunity Zone (EVEOZ):

This bill will establish California’s first Economic Vehicle Economic Opportunity Zone (EVEOZ) for Riverside County. This bill, subject to appropriation, aims to create programs enhancing access to electric vehicle manufacturing jobs and education in lower-income communities. It involves collaboration with educational institutions, EV manufacturing businesses, and financial institutions to develop education, training, and investment programs.