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Urgent Need for Immediate Maintenance on I-215 Corridor in the 60th Assembly District

For immediate release:

I have taken action to address the unsafe conditions of the I-215 corridor between the City of Perris and the Hwy 60 Freeway interchange. I have sent a letter to Caltrans Director Tony Tavares, Secretary Toks Omishakin, CalSTA and Catalino A. Pining III, District 8 Director, Caltrans highlighting the urgent need for road maintenance and the safety concerns faced by our community. While upcoming projects are planned, immediate measures are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of this critical interstate. You can read the full letter below to understand the actions being taken on your behalf.


Full Letter

Dear Director Tavares,

I am writing to urgently address the deteriorating conditions of the I-215 corridor, particularly between the City of Perris and the Hwy 60 Freeway interchange, within California’s 60th Assembly District. Constituents frequently report hazardous potholes, unsafe road conditions, which severely and frequently disrupt daily commutes.

I am aware of the upcoming roadway projects, including the $33 million rehabilitation set to begin later this summer and another project starting in late 2025. While these projects are necessary, it is inadequate, and perhaps hazardous to wait for them to commence to provide the maintenance my constituents deserve. This specific section of I-215 demands immediate action to ensure safety and reliability now.

Despite significant tax contributions, our community receives inadequate road maintenance. This disparity is inexcusable given the critical role this interstate plays for my constituents.

The press has highlighted these issues, reflecting the community’s growing frustration. Immediate action is needed to ensure fair allocation of maintenance resources and improve safety on this essential corridor.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. For further correspondence, please contact Daniel Peeden at or (951) 653-0960.




Assemblymember, 60TH District


Download the letter