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Anitracism Bill Package Successfully Passes California State Assembly and Heads to State Senate

For immediate release:

Sacramento - The fight against systemic racism in California takes another step forward as two bills in the Anitracism Bill Package successfully passed the California State Assembly. These crucial bills, introduced by Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson, aim to address and eradicate racial disparities, discrimination, and inequities across various sectors of society. With overwhelming support from the Assembly, the bills now move on to the California State Senate, bringing hope for a more inclusive and just future.

The Anitracism Bill Package comprises a comprehensive set of legislation designed to tackle racial inequities head-on. The 2 bills included in the Anitracism Bill Package that are moving to the Senate are:

  • Assembly Bill 1078: Stopping the Banning of Books for School Curriculum
  • Assembly Bill 1079: Going on the Offensive Against Racism

Although additional amendments will be made to strengthen the bill, Assembly Bill 1078 provides crucial guidance on banning books for school curriculum. It requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to issue guidance to help local education agencies (LEAs) and school personnel manage conversations surrounding race, socioeconomic status, gender identity/expression, and LGBTQ+ orientations. The bill also expands existing law to ensure that instructional materials accurately portray the full cultural and racial diversity of our society.

"We stand today at a crossroads, where inaction will send us down a path that goes straight backward, and with AB 1078, the Golden State will be there and ready to meet this moment in history, and ensure that we are on the right side of this," stated Assemblymember Dr. Corey A. Jackson.

As these bills move forward to be heard in the California State Senate, it is imperative that we continue to champion their cause. The collective efforts of legislators, activists, and citizens are crucial to ensure the successful passage of these bills and to effect lasting change in California.

The California State Senate now has an opportunity to build upon the momentum generated in the Assembly and play a pivotal role in dismantling systemic racism. The upcoming deliberations offer a chance to further refine and strengthen the Anitracism Bill Package, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to creating a more just and inclusive society.